Have you heard about skateistan?

Have you ever imagined your life under terror threat? Horrible.  Same was the situation of children in Afghanistan some time ago.

The children of Afghanistan had to stay home, as the streets were insecure.  But now the situation has changed.  Now there is peace.  A person , Oliver, (of perhaps Australia),  has now started skateistan, an institute providing training to Afghanistan students, skating and also educating them.  Now the children of Afghanistan are enjoying true freedom, coming out of their home, doing skating on grounds.  Thanks to oliver, who made the change in the life of children of Afghanistan.  Education is the right of every children, hope the same followed in all countries.

(Source: tez news channel, India)

I have observed in some places, that children just spend their time after school, at home by just playing video games or tv.  I am not opposing these.  But, children are watching tv excessively, not playing any outdoor game.  I have seen small children of even 2yrs. Having glasses.  At least, make them play outdoors for some time.

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