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Pavagadh – historical, religious gujarat tourist places

Pavagadh comes in one of the historical and religious Gujarat tourist places. Mahakali mata (Goddess) temple located at Pavagadh is Shaktipeeth. How to reach: From Vadodara you can reach to Pavagadh via Halol, the distance is around 46 kms. It just takes maximum one hour to reach there, from Vadodara. Also the management at Pavagadh […]

FaceBook HTC First Mobile

Social Media and Organization Facebook and HTC have joined hands and now launched Facebook HTC First Mobile. You can have a facebook app installed on this mobile. Nice feature of this mobile is that if you sent an SMS to your friend, and if he/she is in your facebook friend list, he/she will receive it […]

Have you heard about skateistan?

Have you ever imagined your life under terror threat? Horrible.  Same was the situation of children in Afghanistan some time ago. The children of Afghanistan had to stay home, as the streets were insecure.  But now the situation has changed.  Now there is peace.  A person , Oliver, (of perhaps Australia),  has now started skateistan, […]

Maha Kumbh Mela(Festival)| A Rare Event After 360 Years

Maha Kumbh Mela(Festival) is organized in Allahabad, a city in state UP(Uttar Pradesh) of India. Lots of people take bath at sangam of three rivers, Ganga, Godavari, Kshipra at Allahabad.  It is important to take bath, as it removes all your sins. Kumbh Mela(Festival) is organized according to astrology.  When Jupiter comes in Tauras and […]

Maya Calendar| 21st December 2012 Not The End Of The World

Many rumors are heard about 21st December, 2012, It is the date on which the world will end.  Some say that staying on a mountain in Ukatan, Mexico will save them. Do not worry.  21st December, 2012 is not the end of the world.  People from Mexico, who are of Maya culture, also say that […]


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